Friday, April 12, 2013

Characteristics of Your Soul Mate

  • Your connection to this person will be strong that you can say this is the most remarkable person I have ever met
  • It's the type of closeness where you look forward to activities out of bed as well as the other way around
  • Your relationship will be natural fit and feel as if it is meant to be forever
  • Your soul relationship will be filled with honesty and support
  • You and your soul mate will get a lot done by working together
  • You and your soul mate will cherish small moments together
  • Your soul mate mirrors you and and shows you everything that is holding you back. This is someone special who will help you change for the best
  • You and your soul mate will have a different type of love
  • Your soul mate feels like home
  • Your soul mate is not some one who can be defined by gender. It is a connection that defies explanation. When you look at each other there is no need for words
  • Your connection to your soul mate will be physical, emotional and spiritual
  • You will find the most beautiful place in the world useless unless your soul mate is with you
  • When you have met your soul mate you will know deep in your heart that you have met them
  • Your soul mate is someone who catches your eye then your heart
  • Your soul mate is the missing piece of the puzzle that makes your life come together   

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Does This Sound Familiar?

If you are interested in Knowing more about your romantic life take a moment to answer "yes" or "no" to eash of the following questions. This quesstionnaire is included in my new book. "To Love and Be Loved: How To Be Loved, Cherrished and Happily Married" which will be published later in October.

You are tired of hanging out in bars and trendy clubs

The majority of the men you have met so far still act as they are fifteen years old

You're tired of hearing your friends complain about the lack of real men out there

Family and friends invite you to spend the holidays with them because they don't want you to be alone

You're thinking about contacting an old boy friend while trying to convince yourself that he wasn't really that bad.

You are becoming the matriach of the family. Whenever there is aproblem, which is every day, they call you for help.

You are seriously thinking about adopting a child or having one on your own.

Visiting your married friends depresses you

Everything was going well in your relationship until you brought up the subject of commitment

How many times during the past year have you heard yourself or one of your friends say something like, "I like this guy, but there is just something missing from our relationship."

Our relationship is not his main concern

He spends more time with his friends and family than he does with me

He still talks about his ex-girlfriend or wife.

You are still searching for your soul mate

After compleing the brief questionaire please feel free to call me at 718 356 9539 if you wish to discuss your response to one or more of these questions

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jim Weiss Welcomes You To Expressions

Jim Weiss invites you and your friends to join us for Expressions. This will be an on-going once a month informal get-together that will provide you and 8-12 other women (men also invited) with a warm secure atmosphere where you can discuss your fears, hopes as well as your concerns for your romantic and personal life.

Jim will be using his thirty years experience as a psychic consultant counselor and educator to help you find answers to questions such as:

I'm divorced/separated. How do I find a new rewarding relationship?
How do I stop his family from interfering in our relationship?
What can I do about his fear of commitment?
What can I do to change an unfullfiling relationship?
Why is it always my fault?
What should I do about his mood swings?
Why is it so difficult to find a lasting relationship?
I've had several horrible relationships. How can I ever trust a man again?
How do I spot a "basement boy" (momma's boy) before I become emotionally
Am I wasting my ti me with him?
How will I know if he is the right one for me?

This once-a-month get together will be held on the first Monday of every month. Our first session will be held on Monday March 5, 2012,
Location to be announced. Please call 718 356 9539 to register for our first session. There is a $10. registration fee. Light refreshments will be served

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recieve Your Free Subscription to My All New E Newsletter: Foresight

Dear Friends,
If you haven't already done so please take a moment to log on here at my web site so you too can recieve the following benefits:

Free subscription to Foresight, my all new e newsletter
Discounts on psychic consultations and my publicat
Invitations to our workshops and seminars.
Meet other like-minded men and women at our informal get-togethers and

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How Can I Develop my Intuition?

During the course of my career as a psychic consultant and educator many of you have asked me how to develop and use your intuition. Yes,you do have an intuitive mind that is just waiting to serve you...if you learn how to listen to what it is trying to tell you.

Think of how your personal and professional lives would be improved if you knew how to find yorself in the right place at the right time? Maybe you too would like to be able to size anyone up in one minute or less? Of course you would. Perhaps like many of my other clients like to use your intuitive mind to help find the love of your life. The possibilities are lets start with lesson #1

Begin by buying yourself a notebook and label it: My Intuitive Journal. When ever you feel something is going to happen record it in your Journal. Take a few minutes a day to scan your mind for intuitive information, and record your impressions. Once you have 10-15 enteries check your Journal for actual "hits". You'll be surprised by the results. Within several weeks you will begin knowing the difference between wishful thinking, guessing and an actual intuitive event.

Next Month...How Can learn to communicate with people living hundreds of miles from my home (clairvoyance)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

In The Begining

It is possible that you and I have been brought together at this time because we have profound truths to share. I offer the wisdom of our ancestors so we may find the deep healing you seek

At the beginning, matter and energy were formed and permeate throughout the universe today. We are composed of positive and negative particles which create energy fields. It is t he interaction between these two energies that is the basis for psychic phenomena.

Throughout the ages certain individuals have had a greater sensitivity regarding the interaction of these forces. Jim Weiss, who has recently been named one of the fifty best psychics in this country, has spent the past thirty years of his life using his gifts to help more than 50,000 men and woman from Europe, Asia, and twenty-eight of our own states. His predictions have enabled his clients to resolve conflicts and find the answers to life-changing questions.

Jim’s first full-length book: Psychic For Life (you may purchase it right here) has already been featured on network television, and in bookstores here and abroad. His lectures and hands-on workshops have been presented to a wide variety of organizations including: Fortune 500 Companies, universities and colleges, The American Medical and Dental Associations.

Jim has received graduate degrees from Fordham, Long Island, and St. John’s Universities. He is also a certified hypnotist and is currently working as an Adjunct Professor of Communications at one of the universities in his area.

For your convenience Jim Weiss maintains two offices. The first is at 997 Stafford Ave. Staten Island, NY. The second is located at 29 Broadway in the heart of the financial district. Telephone consultation is gladly provided for those unable to travel to either of Jim’s offices. If you have six or more guests, and live in the metro NY, area Jim will have a psychic party in the convenience of your home or office.

You may reach Jim Weiss to schedule your appointments by calling him at: 718 356 9539….and as always please feel free to call Jim to say hello or when you need an answer to important question.

Schedule Your In-Depth Psychic Consultation with Jim Weiss

Now is the Time to Schedule Your In-Depth Psychic Consultation with Jim Weiss

In a better world the people of intuition will be the guiding lights for those who need their assistance. And the intellectual politicians and professors will be by these intuitive souls. Only then can the world be at ease.

For the last twenty-seven years Jim Weiss has provided in-depth psychic consultations for more than fifty thousand men and woman from all walks of life. Each came to learn more about the well-being of their loved ones, and the future of their own success and happiness.

Here’s how an in depth psychic consultation with Jim Weiss can help you move your life forward:
• Discover your “true purpose” in life so you can stop wasting valuable time on no-win situations.
• Receive valuable information about your soul mate and true love.
• Learn about your present and future career so you can become a winner
• Stuck in a dead-end job? Let Jim provide the information that can help you move your career forward now.
• Schedule your in-depth psychic consultation with Jim Weiss so you can discover the negativity that is keeping you from having the life you truly deserve.
• Waiting for a miracle isn’t going to get you what you want so call Jim today so he can look into your future now.
• …and most of all let Jim help you put the magic back in your life now.

Whatever your goals may be, call Jim Weiss today, so he can give you the answers you need now.

To better serve you Jim is now offering the following services:
• Have your half hour, hour or ninety minute psychic consultation with Jim Weiss at his Staten Island office
• Schedule your consultation in the privacy of your home (five or more guests in the metro NY area).
• Work or live in Manhattan? Jim’s second office is conveniently located in the heart of the NYC financial district at 29 Broadway.
• Traveling difficult for you? Have your in-depth psychic consultation with Jim by telephone.
Why wait any longer for the answers you need now. Call Jim today at:
718 356 9539